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Site Management Made Simple

The GoDaddo Inc. Site Control Panel is our vision of how web site management should be done. It is a place from which you can manage all aspects of your Internet presence without the need to make use of any additional billing or domain management tools. With the GoDaddo Inc. Site Control Panel, you will be able to manage your domain names, your sites and your billing transactions from a single place.

Our Site Control Panel is built to work solely with our own hosting services platform. This permits it to be a lot faster and far more secure than any other Site Control Panel. Once inside, you will find all the features that you need to manage your site and a lot of charge–free bonuses that will help you further optimize your existing web site or swiftly kick off a new one.

Domains Manager

A complete array of domain administration features

You can now administer multiple domain names without difficulty through our Domains Manager. It offers all the domain name management tools that you need and everything is designed in a user–friendly fashion. Every function is just a click away – from forwarding or parking a domain name to editing your domain’s DNS or WHOIS information.

And with our Site Control Panel, when you are done with your domains, you can immediately start working on your website without the need to sign into a different Site Control Panel.

File Manager

Manage your files and directories with a click

With the File Manager built into the GoDaddo Inc. Site Control Panel, you will have one of the most efficient web file managers at your disposal. With it, you can upload files by simply dragging them to your browser window. You can move files and directories in your account by dragging and dropping them. You can decompress uploaded zipped archives.

You can also right–click on any file or folder to gain access to these functions.

Mail Manager

Handling email mailbox accounts can be really easy and simple

Working with electronic mails is easy. However, administering email box accounts can be tough. This is where our Mail Managercomes to help. It will allow you not only to quickly set up new and modify existing email mailbox accounts, but to also quickly redirect e–mails, to configure e–mail filters, to order anti–spam protection, etc., via an easy–to–use user interface.

And in case you work with an email client, you can make use of our autoconfig scripts for the most famous e–mail clients for Linux and Windows. All you have to do is download an autoconfig file and your email client will instantly set up your new email mailbox account.

A Complimentary Website Builder

A handy Website Builder

With the GoDaddo Inc. Site Control Panel, we offer you the chance to develop a fully custom site using our Complimentary Website Builder. The Complimentary Website Builder is designed to work with over 100 different themes available in different color schemes, which you can customize as per your requirements.

The best thing about our Complimentary Website Builder is that it can be utilized by everyone. Thanks to its handy What–You–See–Is–What–You–Get editor, you can create your custom website from the ground up without the need to add one single line of code.

Marketing Tools

Promote your web sites through an easy–to–use interface

To help you more efficiently advertise your website to customers and get higher search engine visibility, we’ve developed a collection of charge–free marketing tools, which come with our Site Control Panel – a Sitemap Generator, an RSS News module and a GeoIP redirection tool.

Each of these tools has been designed by us with one purpose in mind – to offer you all–round functionality, wrapped in an interface that can be easily used by anyone.

VPN Access

Risk–free access to the Internet

If you want to access a site outside a firewall, or if you’d like to browse the World Wide Web incognito, then we’ve got the ideal solution for you. It is available in our Site Control Panel. With our VPN access service, you will be able to browse the web safely with your personal computer, laptop or telephone wherever you are.

You can pick the location of the VPN server yourself. We have datacenter facilities in different countries on different continents.

Web Statistics Manager

Up–to–the–minute info about your website visitors in your Site Control Panel

Being aware of how people interact with their website is crucial for any site owner. With the Web Statistics Manager in the Site Control Panel, you’ll obtain real–time stats about everything that your visitors do on your site from the very moment it is published to the World Wide Web, with absolutely no setup required on your part.

At any time, you can check out precisely how many people have opened your site and the average time they’ve spent on it. You can also view unique and return visits, pageviews, most–visited web pages, most frequently used key phrases, entrance and exit pages, and a lot more.

Hepsia vs. cPanel

Juxtapose the two popular Site Control Panels

cPanel is the best known Site Control Panel on the Internet and it can help you get the job done for sure. However, it lacks the simplicity of use you’d anticipate in the age of flexible and easy–to–use interfaces. In comparison, the Site Control Panel is new and is designed to work equally well now and in the future. It is ultra–fast, intuitive and is equipped with multiple free tools to help you easily kickstart your web presence.